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Losing weight made easy with three cups of Seven Tea a day

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Why Seven Tea

The carefully balanced mix of the 7 natural ingredients reduces your appetite and gives you an energy boost. The ingredients are also know to increasing metabolism and reducing fat storage from carbohydrates



3 times a day before each meal one cup of Seven Tea.


100% natural

100% natural ingredients that help reduce appetite, increase metabolism and boost energy.


Results count

Because it is instant tea the ingredients really enter your body. This guarantees the effect from the active ingredients.


Less prone to binge eating

Less prone to binge eating because of the increase of your serotonine level.

Ingredients Seven Tea slimming tea

  • Garcinia cambogia

    Is binge eating your problem? No worries, this fruit makes it easier to resist. It also stimulates the transition from food to energy instead of fat.

  • Irvingia Gabonensis

    This wild African mango is full of fibres, vitamins and minerals and therefor super healthy! And…because of the leptin your appetite disappears like snow before the sun

  • Opuntia Ficus-Indica

    A lovely sweet cactus that makes your desire for sweet disappear and encourages your body to burn fat. Like to detox? This cactus is also known for it’s detox qualities.

  • Guarana

    Guarana delivers an energy boost. Most energy drinks use this ingredient (with tons of sugar though…) for its energy qualities, in addition the caffeine increases weight-loss.

  • Green thee

    Where you wanna start? Green tea has many benefits for your intestines, heart and vascular system. It also makes you feel fit and healthy.

  • Mate thee

    Mate tea is full of vitamines and minerals. It is also know for reducing appetite and increasing energy. It also breaks down fat and increases weight-loss. These benefits make it more popular then regular tea or coffee in South America.

  • Maltodextrine

    Not so magical, but it helps give it the great taste and increases energy during exercise. No worries, it is just a few calories in each cup. Literally nothing compared to the calories you will not eat because of Seven Tea.

Seven Tea
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Start today with your future body. Seven Tea will help pave the way

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